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Make medical care more accurate and understandable

메디컬아이피는 AI 강화 의료영상 분할 기술을 선도하며, 고성능 빅데이터

처리를 통해, 물질화 3D프린팅 기술과 비물질화 메타버스 기술을 선도합니다.

Here at MEDICALIP we are leading the future of healthcare with innovative technologies. We are developing various medical imaging analysis technology based on AI and 3D technologies (3D printing, CAD/CAM, AR/VR) to reduce the time and cost of medical workload as well as the pain of patients. We are creating a future that will enable a better medical experience and service.


Software & Services

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of the Human Anatomy

Multi-Touch Screen & Metaverse

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